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Condensation problems

Condensation occurs most often in rooms where large amounts of moisture are produced, such as kitchen and bathrooms, and in unheated rooms into which the moist air has drifted.


Condensation in buildings is water which is deposited when warm air comes into contact with a cold wall surface, e.g. external walls, particularly in areas with poor air flow, e.g. corners of rooms, behind large pieces of furniture.


You don’t have to live with it, just stop it in its tracks and have a Nuaire Positive Input Ventilation Unit installed and create a better environment to live in.

Common signs of condensation  

• Streaming windows

• Condensation water pooling on window sills

• Damp walls with no 'tidemarks'

• Damp and mould patches

• Mould in corners of rooms

• Mould behind furniture

• Mildew on clothes and furnishings

• Musty and damp smells

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